What we do; Green Community Fair FEATURED The Green Community Fairs started in 2011 as the first ever solar powered family-festival event in Bournemouth, Poole and East Dorset – organised for FREE for the Community. With the help of an army of volunteers and in conjunction with the Transition BH Hub, we’re gratefully supported by dozens of like-minded businesses, organisations, charities and other eco/social-justice groups. Supporting people living in Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch and surrounding areas currently running or starting other ‘Transition Towns’ type initiatives (for the people and the planet!) our ethics and environmental events bring together established national and regional charities, campaigners and activists and as a group we work to raise awareness of important issues and have fun at the same time; our good friend https://creativedynamo.net/ calls it ‘eco-tainment’!! Another example of a Transition initiative which is still going strong is the The Slades Farm Community Garden (https://www.facebook.com/SladesGarden/) .Please help if you can – we need funds to keep our Rig’s lock-up & to keep-on keeping on in 2019 – THANK YOU!

We love energetic exchanges but when we’re not in Fairyland we’ve gotta pay the bills…

We’ve run dozens of FREE Community Events and by providing free training and community support – we’ve helped HUNDREDS of local people, predominantly long term unemployed recovering from addiction and/or mental health problems, learning difficulties and disabilities.. can you please help us now?

WE Urgently NEED FUNDS TO KEEP ON KEEPING ON IN 2019 – please help if you can – and click DONATE – OR if you’re a lovely neighbour please click the pic below & join our COMMUNITY CHEST – thanks so much xx



We’ve printed leaflets and invited friends and neighbours to DONATE

&/or Donate ‘Car-boot-ables’; good quality/condition, furniture, bric-a-brac etc. (we also take BROKEN TECH to repair or for spares too!)
email paperworkfairy@me.com
 for info.



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Crowd Safety and Venue Security management with qualified and competent advice and paperwork

Enquiries: Telephone 01202 386348

head crew cafe


  • We’ve been attending events, helping with production for others & organising our own fundraising & green field events; promoting environmental education & social justice in a fun and entertaining way.
  • Our not-for-profit project is run by a volunteer group – the Community Event Network Café helps us to cover our costs and the remainder is raised through donations, grants and sponsorship.
  • We provide Crowd Management & Event Safety training as well as personal development and confidence boosting courses predominantly for people who are long term unemployed due to disability, learning difficulties, mental health issues etc. As part of their training volunteers gain experience, opportunities and self-worth in the lovely, nurturing, supportive and inclusive environments at these festivals and events.
  • At events last year, like at the Green Party National Conference, our volunteers are helping others out by proving the solar powered rig for stages, PA’s, Health & Safety & Security Consultation and services: risk assessment and on-going control of risks and hazards; recruitment, training & management of volunteers and stewards team; provision of: décor & dressing of stage tents, radios, event and safety briefings, designated first aiders AND our Community Hub Café has hosted arty crafty workshops, talks and a served up selections of teas, coffee, cakes &  yummy home-made meals & snacks, mostly GF, vegan or veggie!


  • We’ve run something like 250 places on courses and attended over 20 events since March 2014.
    Many of our volunteers progress into paid employment, more volunteering, further education and training.
  • Our ‘group’ page lists over 200 members – many of whom are also members of other client led groups/good causes creating a ripple benefit throughout our local community. In turn, often these groups help out regional & national groups too; helping raising lots of money for lots of little & big causes and charities.
  • We showcase wellbeing, organic foods, sustainable (and meaningful) lifestyles, renewable energy, innovation & traditional ways. We strongly believe in (and campaign for) inclusion and opportunities for all.
  • Our members describe us as “empowering” and “helping people to achieve their potential”

ENQUIRIES:             paperworkfairy@me.com             01202 386348            

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Protected: Community Chest 2019 extra $$$

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