FREE TRAINING Community Events Network & Training Programme

This project was started in March 2014 when it was funded by Funded by Skills & Learning. Community Event Network recruits, develops training, supports and mentors event volunteers so they will confident in working at a range of different community led events in Dorset, volunteering opportunities at other green field/festival events out of the area; with signposting to some PAID work too. This project aimed at people wanting to improve their knowledge and skills provides a real advantage when applying to work or skills to use in further volunteering.

By supporting local community led events participants will also be helping to secure the success of these events into the future and maintain the positive impact that they have on our communities.  Previous candidates have gone on to achieve paid positions at other local events and volunteering opportunities at Reading and Glastonbury festivals and paid work for the Bournemouth Coastal bid and we have also provided teams to work at Salisbury carnival, Salisbury race-course to name but a few. Many members have also re-entered the job market and some have achieved paid positions within support groups they have previously accessed as clients locally here in Bournemouth.

Why stewarding and event safety? At the events we work at we are the eyes and ears of the event and we make sure that everyone is safe and happy.


Learning and working in community events (with us) is a truly positive and enjoyable experience – coupled with the opportunity to meet and work with like-minded people as well as obtaining accreditation level training, experience and evidence that can be used to help achieve a qualification.

This might be your first step on a journey to a career in events or a great FREE opportunity to skill-up if you’ve already done some event work.

This programme is run by Event Professionals & Peers who, like many others in The Industry STARTED OFF AS VOLUNTEERS … …

This could be your first step to a career in events….where will your journey take you??

The 1 day course is an introduction to NVQ2 or NVQ3 in Event Safety. The NVQ is a requirement for some PAID work (which we can signpost you to) and, as the events industry becomes more regulated, will be a distinct advantage for those looking for event work in the years to come – especially if you want to progress on to the Event Security Industry or work as a steward at stadiums and concerts, as well as on the festival circuit.

Also available is a 1 day CONFIDENCE CONFERENCE with workshops and taster sessions designed to help empower and improve self-esteem and self discovery.

The next event training is subject to funding – come back soon for news of courses near you or call now and leave a message for Sam (the paperwork fairy) on 01202 386348 or you can email for more details and to book your place ahead.

Our Facebook group is the ONLY network for local event volunteers and once you have completed our training programme you’ll have exclusive access to a one-stop-shop to celebrate and share your achievements, with ‘live’ Signposting and referral to wider ‘skills for jobs’ activity, and further opportunities for training & education, employment, volunteering, funding and other shared resources.


The Introduction to NVQ2 will give you an overview of six modules:

• – Prepare for spectator events
• – Control the entry, exit and movement of people at spectator events
• – Monitor spectators and deal with crowd problems
• – Help to manage conflict
• – Contribute to the work of your Team
• – Deal with accidents and emergencies

If you have already led a team of stewards or if you come from a supervisory/managerial background then the Introduction to NVQ3 might be for you which will cover and overview on how to;
• – Prepare stewards and venues for spectator events
• – Maintain stewarding in designated areas and deal with spectator problems and emergencies
• – Deal with accidents and emergencies
• – Develop productive working relationships with colleagues


We are pleased to offer support to assist you if you have a learning difficulty are a wheelchair user or if you have indicated a medical condition, disability and/or learning difficulty. We can contact you to discuss your additional support requirements if you want – please let us know on your registration form.

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  2. Sudan waghorn says:

    I’m intersed in the training please

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