INFO FOR Community Events & Volunteer Coordinators

Community Events Network & Training Programme

The purpose of this project is to recruit, develop training, support and mentor volunteer stewards so they will confident in working at a range of different community led events in Bournemouth & Poole where they will supported to self-assess their own progress. This will meet individual and community needs with a particular focus on targeting workless people wanting to improve their skills and return to work or volunteering. Please direct your existing volunteers to read more information for them HERE.

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The community group events will benefit from the input of the trained stewards which will help secure the success of your events into the future and maintain the positive impact the events have on their communities. Groups who run events will then be networked virtually and practically to develop community cohesion across area boundaries e.g Boscombe volunteers will be working alongside West Howe volunteers. Collaboration and better connected groups will encourage sharing resources and training opportunities and joint funding applications into the future.

This Project is NOT a Partnership or Consortium proposal so that groups/community events that we work with can apply for grants from The Project & Partnership fund in the future in their own right without discrimination.

Depending on the needs and wants of the participating groups it might be possible that you choose to apply individually or as a consortium to other grants for future training that we can deliver and organise.

Registration to Community Event Network is free and if you would rather not use a Facebook account then we will email relevant posts and updates to you via the local Council for Volunteer Coordinator Network.

Community Events can also apply for us assist with your event and/or bring a team of volunteer stewards to bolster your ranks. We specialise in ensuring that the whole event is a positive experience for everyone involved.  Stewards are the eyes and ears of the event and we make sure that everyone is safe and happy.  We can also serve as advisers to first time events and we can use our experience to help you resolve problems; from minor incidents through to site wide emergencies.

The Community Event Network Facebook group is the ONLY Volunteer Network group locally and is a one-stop-shop for them to celebrate and share their achievements, with ‘live’ Signposting and referral to wider skills for jobs activity, and opportunities for further education, employment, volunteering, funding for training and other shared resources.

Our courses and volunteering will take place onsite at your community events and therefore the Volunteers will register as your volunteers to that they are covered by your PLI and ELI (we can help you with this) and also their sustenance and expenses, PPE and other costs should be covered by each Event’s own budget. Other terms and conditions can be viewed HERE and in particular we will need sight of your event management plan, risk assessments and insurance certificates – again – we are able to help and advise you on the suitability of your policies and procedures. We have our own volunteer steward handbook which can be used and adapted to suit your specific site and event needs.

Please complete our registration form HERE or for more information please call Sam the Paperwork fairy on 01202 386348 or email